About Me

When I was young, everyone in my house had chores to do over the Summer holidays. My sister’s choice was the laundry so she could stay inside. This left me with the gardening chores: weeding, planting, watering…And I couldn’t have been happier! I spent as much time as possible pulling weeds and planting flowers.

After graduating from college, I continued to spend my free time in the garden. I was known as the Golden Girl for WSBA AM radio. When

not on air or attending remote broadcasts, my friends asked me to help them in their gardens. I realized at that time I had found my calling. After 10 years in radio and television, I decided to turn my passion for gardening into my career.  

I started my business in 1997. I took courses at Longwood Gardens to bring myself up to date on the latest plants to supply my clients

with unique and interesting gardens. I returned to England numerous times to visit my relatives. These trips reminded me how much every Brit loved their garden. I would walk from my Grandad to my Grandmother's house. This would take me down a farm lane with some cottage gardens and through a small village with gardens no bigger than ten square feet! An English Cottage garden was truly colorful and controlled chaos. Others were strictly manicured borders to set off lawns.

There was no area too big or too small...even if it meant filling the concrete area with colorful containers. That is how I feel about a gardens as well.

My mission is to make every garden a welcome extension of your home. A warm place to enjoy when you return home from a busy day. I can add organized color to your home or create a seemingly chaotic garden that on closer inspection makes sense. 

Each time I meet with a new client, I get as much information as I can so I give them the garden and landscape they want at their home. I work hard to create an original design that will make them happy for years and fits their budget. I remain interested in every garden I worked in... and I'm happy to maintain them for you.